It all began with a podcast….

I received an iPad for Christmas a year or so ago. I’ve always been a little slow on the uptake when it comes to all things ‘techie’. I’d heard about podcasts but wasn’t sure how they worked or how I could access them. After a little (read: extensive) research I’d downloaded a podcast app and started browsing through the health and fitness section on iTunes.

I happened across a podcast called Fit, Fat, Fast and subscribed. It seemed aimed at endurance athletes but I’d been a gym goer for the last 20+ years and I was picking up fitness tips from most episodes. The hosts often made references to a ‘ketogenic‘ diet and the associated benefits. I had no idea what this meant, so I researched that too.
That’s how my interest in nutrition and different ways to exercise began. I now consider myself to eat in the paleo/primal fashion, I exercise less but more efficiently, I dabble in intermittent fasting and I experienced a gradual weight loss of almost 10kg over a period of 12 months without even thinking about it.

I subscribed to more podcasts, started signing up to other like minded individual’s newsletters and blogs, watched webinars. I couldn’t get enough information and I was loving it!

I often read of people, like me, who at times find it difficult to maintain their eating choices when dining out and especially when travelling, both domestically and internationally. AirpoIMAG0389rts are the worst! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of eating processed foods, foods containing gluten, grains and sugar when you’re on the move, or are in a country like France or Italy.

I’ve learnt so much from reading and listening to others and this blog is a way of sharing my experiences and adventures both travelling as well as day to day. I’ll be having loads of fun with it and I’ll be posting photos and sharing interesting tidbits of information I come across as I go.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it

photo-8Stacey – Paleo Traveller